The Denim Office of Scott Morrison

If you haven’t heard of Scott Morrison, you would have heard of his work. This is the man behind the bespoke denim legend of 3×1. Morrison launched this brand of customized jeans in his flagship store in Mercer Street, in the Soho district of New York City. Since it opened, he has experienced great success in spreading his message for ethical and quality jeans(

The unique thing about Morrison’s retail store for 3×1 is that it is also the factory. Behind a transparent glass window, customers and clients can see the talented denim specialists hand stitching the fabric together to make these high quality jeans. This is what sets Morrison apart from the rest.

So what exactly does Scott Morrison’s denim office look like?

Here are some of the visuals that he has inspiring his work in this space.


The Mini Jeans

These are a cute collection of, as the name suggest, miniature sized jeans. They are not for sale, rather they are hanging around the on display to catch the eye of prospective customers.

Framed Scarves

After his trips to Japan, Morrison really cemented his love affair with denim. During these trips, he started collecting Japanese scares. These are now framed and hanging up around his office space.

Wash Target Jeans

The jeans before they become jeans are a displayed reminder of the process for Morrison. Wash target jeans are an important part of the denim process for him and he sends off alongside rigid garment as a reference point every time jeans need a wash.


The Sketches

A man of many ideas needs a constant outlet. This is why Morrison has a sketch book handy at his desk. Here he can play with different materials and designs and visualize his thought process. Sketching is often the first step in his genius ideas.

The Button Chart and Trim Options

As it is functioning and working office, Morrison has plenty of practical things floating around as well. The button chart and trim options are the language that he speaks while he is working. These help him to tell the story of what he is trying to create, while wading his way through the endless options.

The Denim Wall

Perhaps one of the most eye catching features of the whole store and factory space is the denim wall. Hanging here are over 70 pieces of denim in all different forms. They are the fabrics in their most raw form, right on display for people to see. This is arguably the most crucial point in the denim storytelling journey.

The Sewing Room

Certainly this is where the magic happens. Everything done here is custom or bespoke, as well as wholesale garments. The workers essentially create everything inside a glass box, where customers can see in and see the hard work and care put into every stitch. Morrison has around 40 employees working hard, each hand stitching a single pair of jeans and seeing them through from start to finish.